Monday, 16 January 2012

Why selenium?

I utterly understand that there are lots of talks around the subject and there is no sense to pick it up again, yet I just want to ensure myself that I have chosen correct tool to work with. If you agreed the reasons I would really appreciate the fact that my first post here has got several followers.
Ok, let's try reviewing it through one by one , avoiding obvious reasons like selenium is free, cross platform/browser and bla bla bla 

QA as a team work
 That has got the new meaning with selenium and might be accompanied with a majority of developers' team work artifacts: source control, code review, knowledge sharing and so on. Besides, any test automation implies that QA team produces a "product", which actually are tests. And selenium is not an exception here ...

Next generation regression testing
 Ok, ok .... that sounds quite obvious. But just imagine, you spend only 6 minutes to run the tests which cover several past sprints, including bugs' reproducibility and considering that were simialar to manual testing! Cool, isn't it?

From testing to tests development
 I develop tests using the same language developers do. And it looks naturally. Besides, if you follow DSL concept , it looks twice more natural :) .  

Tests debug
 Step by step execution, breakpoints , watchers - everything available at ide.

Remote runtime
 Maybe that what I like the most, however it is not the selenium's feature, but Grid2. It is very useful in case your build server does not really suppose to start browser locally. Thus just add the runtime server into the same subnet with a build server and consider it as a client in scope of tests execution process

Intergation into development process
 Would you believe me if I told you that developers are participating in tests development? That's quite a case I would say, esspecially if there is no dedicated QA person available. However, I mean different kind of an integration  -  commit/merge process - developer can recieve "immediate" feedback regarding test results without getting a QA person involved

Good support, huge community, often releases 
 I do not thing it should be explained. However it is vital thing for any tool.
 Despite above I really like how it evolves. Selenium seems to act quickly for community demands. Let's see further ...

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