Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Selenium Camp 2012 Review

Of course I've been there with other 350 attendees ... I could not skip the event, therefore, which took place that near. I really like what XPInjection does, and SeleniumCamp is nearly the best among theirs inventions and achievements.
Saying about speakers, however, I did not notice much progress comparing to 2011. I would even say that by far a half of them brought the same what I had heard at 2011. Although, another half of topics was just amazing: major excitement I've got was about Selenium as a W3C standard and WebDriver Internals. Besides, I really enjoyed "Selenium vs Ajax" topic by Alexey Barancev and heard by far the nicest feedback to TDD topic by Nikolay Alimenkov.
Camp attracts a lot of people from abroad  - a co-worker of mine came from Sweden to attend the camp. Five among seven time slots have got at least one speaker in English. I wish it would've been a half of all speeches and slides in English preferably for topics in Russian

I hope Selenium project will find outstanding contributors within 350 attendees auditory ... Though, when I checked out sources from selenium trunk, I utterly realised David Burns's words about project complexity and scale. For time being I do not fill I can consciously change something without breaking anything :), however, I fill the beginning of a long road to follow. I also really hope I am not the only one who feels the same.

Catch javascript errors with webdriver

Everyone would consider to have the way of catching JavaScript errors on site earlier or later.
Thanks a lot to Marc Guillemot’s blog for nice solution. You should include extension to your Firefox instance.
After this you might use your capabilities for remote webdriver

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

How to maximize firefox or explorer window with webdriver

There are two reasons to regard the obvious, from the first point of view, topic. Despite the solution fits .net webdriver only, it is better than JavaScript approach since firefox window cannot be re-sized with it - that's the first reason. The second reason is the issue described here, and window maximizing partially solves it