Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Selenium Camp 2012 Review

Of course I've been there with other 350 attendees ... I could not skip the event, therefore, which took place that near. I really like what XPInjection does, and SeleniumCamp is nearly the best among theirs inventions and achievements.
Saying about speakers, however, I did not notice much progress comparing to 2011. I would even say that by far a half of them brought the same what I had heard at 2011. Although, another half of topics was just amazing: major excitement I've got was about Selenium as a W3C standard and WebDriver Internals. Besides, I really enjoyed "Selenium vs Ajax" topic by Alexey Barancev and heard by far the nicest feedback to TDD topic by Nikolay Alimenkov.
Camp attracts a lot of people from abroad  - a co-worker of mine came from Sweden to attend the camp. Five among seven time slots have got at least one speaker in English. I wish it would've been a half of all speeches and slides in English preferably for topics in Russian

I hope Selenium project will find outstanding contributors within 350 attendees auditory ... Though, when I checked out sources from selenium trunk, I utterly realised David Burns's words about project complexity and scale. For time being I do not fill I can consciously change something without breaking anything :), however, I fill the beginning of a long road to follow. I also really hope I am not the only one who feels the same.

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