Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Selenium Camp 2013, Kyiv, Ukraine

    Having not missed a single camp I consider it as the greatest event for IT community who's either implicitly or explicitly related to quality assurance automation. I remember the time when I searched for a tool which can give me at least tiny API to manage real browser. I think I wasn't lonely in this willing. Selenium / WebDriver is something outstanding, has changed development life cycle from within influencing nearly each software development aspect apart from testing.
    It has brought up "test automation frameworking" abilities, which comparing to famous standalone automation tools attracts developers to testing problems and makes quality assurance much more team oriented.
   Selenium Camp gives a push to each participant and even speaker to evolve, structure up his work and meet people with same way of thinking

This yeah I am going to speak about Step Object

You will definitely see presentations about each layer of a cake by other speakers :) 

And you're kindly invited

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