Friday, 16 June 2017

Software Developer in Test. Who's that?

Speaking out at Munich Booxware MeetUp.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Selenium Camp 2017

        An annual conference taking place in Kyiv ( Ukraine ) as always demonstrates good organisation and an active state of quality assurance community. I believe any conference reflects an overall trend of entire industry. This year was not an exception ...

Maybe the main trend of a conference was a test pyramid. I was really lucky to be the very first speaker presenting it. That deja vu feeling followed the participants perhaps all conference long. However that just proves one more time that the approach of keeping your tests on different layers is an effective strategy. 

Next topic I find really hot was Testing in Production – dangerous, scary or better?. An overall idea is to keep tests running on production all the time and find defects on your own rather than let your users do that. I like and support that idea to some extent. There are though many opened question: monitoring, legal requirements, test data hiding and clean up, etc which might cost a lot while setting these kind of tests up. 

Another trend is that Selenium as is stops being a Swiss knife for test automation. People start being more test domain engineers rather than a QA in a classic understanding. Proving that I was trying to emphasise that as well in my speech about Software Developer in Test.

some code examples:

This year organisers tried to orientate the conference towards Test Automation topic in general which seems to be a very natural decision. I could hardly find a developer there which unfortunately proves a huge gap between development and quality assurance. I am really looking forward to participating the camp next year and to watching more developers involved into it.